Cosmetic Dentistry

At the Ashbrook Center for Dentistry, David Le, DDS, and Lonny Grimmer, DDS offer cosmetic dentistry services that keep your teeth looking as healthy on the outside as they are on the inside. Cosmetic dentistry services at Dr. Le's Leesburg, VA dental office allows for smile enhancement without requiring overly invasive procedures or surgery.
Drs. Le and Grimmer's comprehensive cosmetic dentistry can resolve many popular patient concerns including reducing a gaps in front teeth, concealing (fixing) a broken tooth with a dental crown and brightening smiles with teeth whitening. By scheduling an appointment at their Leesburg area dentist’s office, the dentists can evaluate your overall dental health and listen to your concerns. While their first priority is to ensure your teeth are healthy, they are happy to help patients conceal visual imperfections. Drs. Le and Grimmer treat all clients with respect and understanding while helping them find the best dental solutions to accommodate their schedule and budget. 
What Are Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures offered at the Leesburg and Ashburn area Dental Office?

Composite Fillings: Composite or tooth-colored fillings are less noticeable than their metal counterparts. Dr. Le and Dr. Grimmer can also replace old or worn-out metal fillings with tooth-colored ones.
Porcelain Crowns: Drs. Le and Grimmer can use his CEREC machine to create same-day dental crowns. These can conceal dental imperfections and/or protect a tooth after a root canal or cover a dental implant after implantation. 
Porcelain Onlays: Onlays can repair a damaged cusp or chewing surface of your tooth with tooth-colored material.
Porcelain Veneers: Porcelain veneers require less preparation than composite veneers. This means the dentists enhance your smile without having to remove excess tooth enamel. These less invasive veneers can correct gaps, chips, and heavy stains.
Teeth Whitening: Using the Opalesence whitening system, Dr. Le or Dr. Grimmer can provide customized whitening without causing excessive tooth sensitivity.
What Kinds of Dental Problems Does Cosmetic Dentistry Correct?
Leesburg cosmetic dentist patients have turned to Ashbrook Center for Dentistry since 1997 for cosmetic dentistry procedures that correct issues such as:

* broken teeth
* chipped teeth
* gaps in teeth
* decayed teeth
* missing teeth
* stained teeth
Are There Side Effects From Cosmetic Dentistry?
Cosmetic dentistry procedures at Ashbrook Center for Dentistry typically involve minimal downtime. Most patients return to their regular routine directly after a procedure. However, some experience minor soreness for a few days after a procedure.
Cosmetic dentistry procedures can do more than correct dental issues. Many of Drs. Le and Grimmer's patients report an increased self-esteem after cosmetic dentistry procedures.
For questions about cosmetic dentistry or to schedule an appointment at our Leesburg and Ashburn, VA area office, call today.

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